Monday 12 September 2011

picture of external gas push fit connector we use this for a barby and also a gas tilley type lamp for outdoor lighting when were of grid

Sunday 5 June 2011

in presponse to a question on the sbmcc forum ive included some pics of my crockery control system also know as how to use up lots of ofcuts system after looking at the pics ive taken im a bit miffed it looks a bit rough but as its above eye level and usually full of plates im not going to worry about it it was one of those jobs i thought was going to be difficult but turned out to be fairly simple just a case of hold bits of crockery where i wanted it to go and fitting some timbers to hold it there
the rounded ends make it easier to slide the larger plates out

Saturday 26 March 2011

more or less finished

after a winter with nothing happening weve now finished most of the out standing tasks,
swivel seat from a vw people carrier have been fitted on the original seat box for drivers side and an additional drivers seat box for the passenger side luckily they are interchangeable
the seat were an impulse ebay buy last year and have sat under dust sheets in our bedroom for six months un known to us one of the cats had got underneath and clawed one weve picked of most of the loops and were going to live with it
these were probably one of the most challenging bits of the van .Originally they swiveled in the wrong direction b ut we found we could swap the two halves of the swivel bit left to right to correct this .however this put the seat belt mounting on the wrong side so that had to be cut of and welded on the other side
the width of the fixing meant i had to get plates welded on the spread the holes wider i could have used the vw seat belt reciever as they did fit the fiat belts but this would have meant we had no pre tensioners and would have also meant the fitting of resistors to fool the airbag system to think all was well so weve fitted the fiat items and cable tied the spare under the passengers seat
ply and covering of carpet has made a reasonable job of tidying the boxes and the step from front to back
As i didnt lay flooring before fitting the van out it meant a lot of very precise cutting in i decided it was to much for me and subbed the job out to a local flooring company im pleased with the result
if anyone is reading this prior to starting i would definatley do the flooring and build on it
main jobs that weve got to do now is a table top to allow us to eat at the front and some stainless steel splash backs for the cooker i also want to reline the two over bed lockers as i'mn not happy with them
ive also enlarged the opening to the gas locker its still a bit of a strugle to get the bottles in and out but definatley easier now
fitted two flouresent lights one in the cab and one above our bed despite their high wattage we have yet to find led's that are comfitable to read by

Friday 8 October 2010

well its more of less done now only some tidying of wiring and a couple of small bits of wood work to hide some rough edges only big job left vis the seats but i still need to find an extra seat base. The documents have been with dvla for 3 weeks now so im waiting to get the body type changed to motorcaravan

Tuesday 21 September 2010

managed to write this once and loose it befor sending DUH
Renee2 has been to her first festival and coped well as the festival was in lincs we popped to magnums for the last few bits of trim we needed to finish the wood work of some how is was persuaded into a new electric kettle and a step for outside the door to aleviate the train on or old knee joints
not much left to finish i thought but when i added all the little jobs up ill be lucky to finish before the clocks go back
paperwork has been sent to the dvla for change of body type which will give me another 10 mph legally

Thursday 9 September 2010

sorry for anyone following the blog but a mixture of work weekends away and general laziness has delayed me posting for a good while .I seem to keep doing bits without much actually showing The wardrobe is now complete I managed to cut the first rail 10mm short but realised the round rail would be better than the oval one id started with as you dont need clearance to get it in the brackets so a bit of sucess out of a cock up realy. Made the first locker above the bed which also allowed me to get the rest of the wiring for that side completed
luckily when we visited magnun they had a van half built which alowed me to see how to make the lockers something i had been dreading once again turned out to be simple
I must say at this point the guys at magnums were right on my first vist they told be to board the whole van first which is what i should have done as fitting seperate backs in each cupboard is a nightmare
made the front of the second locker today so that should be complete tomorow also think ive got my head around the design of the lockers above the kitchen which has been puzzling me for a while
Ive fitted the fiamma dripstrip to try to stop the rain which floods in to the van when the side doors open ive also moved the awning forwards for the same reason word of warning the glue on the dripstrip is instant ive got a slightly wavy white gutter with a definate kink at the end doing it again i wod clamp a straight edge on first
fitted a led awning light due to the shape of the ducato the leds wind up facing straight out rather than down will see how it looks when were away next week it may have to be changed

Sunday 15 August 2010

still no camera so no pics yet lots done and weve had our second excursion in her
decided to go with out the shower as we mostly stay on sites with facilities and we never used the one in our old talbot going without means we have room to put a wardrobe in what was oridinally going to be a wardrobe wound up to short for hanging anything due to lifting the fridge to clear side mouldings
Another trip to magnums to pick up some more ply and other bits was stretched to three days had a wander along that bit of coast that runs from the wash to the humber weather was dire and skeggy on a wet wednesday is so depresing
like so much of our coast line it all looks rundown and shabby with miles of static caravans beaches are fabulous and mostly empty
magnums were virtually out of the door ive used but have managed to find enough to finish it all but im going to have to cut some about a bit and nothing suitable for the toilet so ill have to make one which is a duanting prospect
spent all weekend getting the wardrobe shell fitted scribing in to the door way was a night mare and the first attempt finished up being a very exspensive template for the final piece trouble was it curved in every direstion and its so hard to work out where the panel was going to touch or pass the door rubber still its done now will try and get some pics tommorow
while i was at magnums they had a conversion they were doing in the shop so was good to see how theyve done stuff and im more confident about the top boxes now ive seen the way to do it