Thursday, 9 September 2010

sorry for anyone following the blog but a mixture of work weekends away and general laziness has delayed me posting for a good while .I seem to keep doing bits without much actually showing The wardrobe is now complete I managed to cut the first rail 10mm short but realised the round rail would be better than the oval one id started with as you dont need clearance to get it in the brackets so a bit of sucess out of a cock up realy. Made the first locker above the bed which also allowed me to get the rest of the wiring for that side completed
luckily when we visited magnun they had a van half built which alowed me to see how to make the lockers something i had been dreading once again turned out to be simple
I must say at this point the guys at magnums were right on my first vist they told be to board the whole van first which is what i should have done as fitting seperate backs in each cupboard is a nightmare
made the front of the second locker today so that should be complete tomorow also think ive got my head around the design of the lockers above the kitchen which has been puzzling me for a while
Ive fitted the fiamma dripstrip to try to stop the rain which floods in to the van when the side doors open ive also moved the awning forwards for the same reason word of warning the glue on the dripstrip is instant ive got a slightly wavy white gutter with a definate kink at the end doing it again i wod clamp a straight edge on first
fitted a led awning light due to the shape of the ducato the leds wind up facing straight out rather than down will see how it looks when were away next week it may have to be changed

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  1. Hi Steve, just came across your blog, great looking van. Very interested as to how you made your cabinet doors especially the curved ones. Cheers Brian