Monday, 5 July 2010

lots done in the last couple of weeks unfortunatley my sister has stolen my camera so no pics for a while
got the upholstry back from the trimmers and it looks fabulous blue and cream zebra stripes
water and waste tanks fitted and fiamma filler fitted in the side so we filled the water one and wired pump up to test the system now when i was doing it i bought some grey 12mm fittings from a plumbers merchant and every one of these leaked so now im getting some black ones to replace them still cant see the difference in the fittings 12mm is 12mm will see what happens with new fittings
ive fitted the tanks by screwing brackets to cross members and sika flexing them on if this is strong enough i dont know but if they come loose i can add some long bolts through later my theory is we shouldnt realy be driving with any fluids in them so next to no wieght just have to remember to empty them all the time
all the gas is now connected apart from the barbeque point which needs a bracket making so hope to do that today and test the gas just nope its more succesfull than the water. Ive fitted two small bottles and a changeover valve
doors are on the completed lockers just cant decide which handles and locks to fit magnets would be easiest but not sure if they will hold a wayward tin of beans on a fast corner same goes for the drawer which slides out easily i realy dont want to go down the push button catch route as you see so many with these
bought a table leg set and now its in its to high so im hopping to return for a shorter one
will add pics as soon as i can get a camera