Sunday, 15 August 2010

still no camera so no pics yet lots done and weve had our second excursion in her
decided to go with out the shower as we mostly stay on sites with facilities and we never used the one in our old talbot going without means we have room to put a wardrobe in what was oridinally going to be a wardrobe wound up to short for hanging anything due to lifting the fridge to clear side mouldings
Another trip to magnums to pick up some more ply and other bits was stretched to three days had a wander along that bit of coast that runs from the wash to the humber weather was dire and skeggy on a wet wednesday is so depresing
like so much of our coast line it all looks rundown and shabby with miles of static caravans beaches are fabulous and mostly empty
magnums were virtually out of the door ive used but have managed to find enough to finish it all but im going to have to cut some about a bit and nothing suitable for the toilet so ill have to make one which is a duanting prospect
spent all weekend getting the wardrobe shell fitted scribing in to the door way was a night mare and the first attempt finished up being a very exspensive template for the final piece trouble was it curved in every direstion and its so hard to work out where the panel was going to touch or pass the door rubber still its done now will try and get some pics tommorow
while i was at magnums they had a conversion they were doing in the shop so was good to see how theyve done stuff and im more confident about the top boxes now ive seen the way to do it

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