Friday, 8 October 2010

well its more of less done now only some tidying of wiring and a couple of small bits of wood work to hide some rough edges only big job left vis the seats but i still need to find an extra seat base. The documents have been with dvla for 3 weeks now so im waiting to get the body type changed to motorcaravan

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  1. Steve
    Looks like you have done a fantastic job on the conversion. Im just in the process of buying a lwb 07 Peugeot Boxer so, as everyone does at this point in the process, Im on line at all spare moments checking out build designs, finishes and suppliers. Ive checked out all the SBMCC gallery photos and have to say yours looks the best!!!Hope you will still be able to get into Renee via the side door after that compliment! If you dont mind culd I perhaps pick your brains and askd a few questions as the worktop curves and unit doors look the best Ive seen and Id like to explore fitting my van out in similar. Any chance of a view and chat or phone number please?