Wednesday, 2 June 2010

just spent a cold damp weekend in norfolk why are bankhols always wet?have been picking away at bits that dont realy show on the new build some more wiring is in battery terminals fitted battery charger is fitted,put the two earth tags in water heater is now fitted and plumbed up down side of using 12mm is the lack of fittings available locally i would like to capp all the ends and test but dont have loads of 12mm caps to do this with
ive also glued the sheet of 3mm on the front of the kitchen units just need to cut out the holes with a stanly knife and add the edging
one thing i cant decide on is what to use for the work top it may just be fitted in ply for now till i can find a suitable finish for it realy need this done so i can fit all the gas appliances and get a gas cert to keep the insurance company happy pics will follow soon

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