Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ive been realy busy the last few days as everything has been going well no doubt now ive put it i writting that will change cut the vents in for the fridge after jiggling the hieght around to get fridge as low as lossible without having to cut in to the plastic mouldings on the van sides .While I was at it i cut in the mains hook up box which ive put at high level on the rambler its low and can be a bugger to line up especially in the dark so hopefully thats not going to be the case with renee2.ive now sealed the fridge vents so that theres no cold air getting in to the voids between insulation and lining boards
Once the hookup was in ive fitted the fuse board and put some more wiring inanything passing through the struts is in conduit or grommets
Decided i had a void behind the kitchen splash back so rather than run in the fridge void ive come out and back under it was just a case of im not sure if the heat from fridge would effect the cables but better safe than sorry
all the cables are p clipped as i dont want them moving around and possibly fraying or making a noise
last picture shows the fridge/ wardrobe unit with holes cut for the controlls between the two all the electrics are going under a false floor in the wardrobe above the fridge which will make them easily accesible if the wife doesnt fill it with shoes like the one indoors, only joking hun i agree a girl can never have enough shoes

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