Thursday, 6 May 2010


template made from old floor
right hand box devided to take gas bottles

got to the stage where i need to cut my first sheet of faced lightwieght ply i need to get a wall up to see where everything goes decided to cut a template first as it quite a complext mix of curves and straight bit and its all got to be a tight fit so using a section of the old ply floor i made it in two pieces first piece up to the start of the roof and then a piece for the top then i joined them with some 2x1 i then transfered this onto the first sheet , scribed round it and cut it with a jig saw after a bit of trimming and sanding it was in place
the template wasnt quite right to fit the opposite side but it was close enough so i repeated for the other side getting these two in place realy lets us see whats going where
seems like ive been measuring and measuring time and time again all weekbut the end result is both bed boxes are now made i cant final fit them till i position everything thats going in them gas bottles in the back of one and a small cupboard for the hook up lead and small bits and bobs battery is going next to the gas locker and possibly the water pump

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