Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bit of a milestone this week weve actually finished something .the ceiling one of thse jobs thats actually easier than you first think, was dreading the thought of all that overhead work .Used 3mm faced ply from magnums and the plastic jointing strips and edges i had already fitted batten between the ribs of the van and simply glued it up with fc40 I started with one sheet straight down the middlewith cut out for the roof lights glued only the center batten wedged it up and left it over night this way i could easily join to the edges
realised it was just as easy to panel over the second rooflight and stanly knife it out after it was alll stuck
if i was doing it again id put the batten on the ribs to get flat run down the length of the van i didnt as i was worried about hieght but 10 mm wouldnt make much difference

above picture is of the side door panel covered in carpet weve used the original 6 mm ply lining as the panels will have to be removeable im just going to screw the panels on with plastic covers on screws with hind sight we should have used the plastic push in 's which could have been glued to the board prior to covering then there wouldnt be anything showing , still next time

had lots of problems with the side door window frame as i spaced the frame out to match the lining opened the door only to find the frame collided with the side of the van stopping the door from opening so weve had to drop the inner part back into the lining unfortunatly after id thinned the frame down i forgot to change the fixing screws for some thing shorter and pushed one right through the side of the van the air was very blue for five minutes then i realised its not the end of the world, just close
all the time im doing a task in the van i find im also thinking about the next thing i really neeed to focus on one job at a time to make progress
weve also carpeted several bits that will show after the wall boards are up and also the panels for one back door and the side slider great stuff can be moulded around even the most akward corners with a bit of stretching or a few nips and tucks all stuck on with 120 degree spray adhesive we found its best to cut each piece over sized spray the adehisive on to the panel and the work from center sticking it down as you move outwards then trim of excess you do need lots of stanly blades as they soon lose the edge

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