Sunday, 6 June 2010

well ive decided work is the curse of the motorhome builder but ive had to do some this week but light nights and warm weather have allowed us to get a fair bit done mostly finishing things that were already half done.the thing with this building lark is you often need stuff in place to build around it so it gets left halfway.this week weve fitted the oven and the fridge all piped up and wired the battery now resides in a nice plastic box the pump is finally screwed down the wires from the tank gauge is neatly tied up underneath the van ready to connect as is the water pipe from pump to tank
at the moment im trying to get the bare essentials finished so i can get the gas tested as my insurers want a gas certificate whats realy annoying is im a registered gas fitter by trade and cant certify my own van still its only money and if we were worried about money we wouldnt have started this would we ?
also fitted some of the cbe electricals so far so good but some little problems the fused spur for the water heater has no continuity terminals for the earth wires and is so small its difficult to get the wires in one terminal is to small to use a insulated crimp on so had to trim the plasric back
why do the insist on fitting large multiway plugs on both ends of the tank probe leads to get the wires through a small hole i had to chop the ends of to be rejoined later ive done the same with the wire from the ultrastore as it wasnt long enogh i now need to find some five core alarm wire to extend it
still undecided on how to make the worktops as i realy want to curve the edges which rules out post formed chipboard domestic worktops not sure if my carpentry skils are up to routing timber edges onto a formica coated ply sheet for now im going to fit the ply and appliances in then decide if i need the curves as much as it seems now

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