Wednesday, 16 June 2010

spent nearly a week ,on and of ,making the top for the kitchen and finally got it fitted today sink is in cooker is in drawer is fitted waste connected and im realy pleased with it think, ive mastered the router at last ,
what caused me all he problems realy was i didnt want the cupboards to be as deep as the fridge /wardbobe unit as i felt it would look a bit box like if it was all level .When i planned it i didnt allow for the big vertical rib in the side of the van whic throws the cooker forwards 4 inches so ive made a deep work top to oversail the front of the units with the cooker within the depth
The screws that clamp the appliances down in the work top go through a plastic cup that realy isnt man enough, on one the stainless steel has chopped the rim of and now i need to get a replacement and the screws/bolts have such a fine thread they are a nightmare to use both sink and cooker are siliconed in so not going to move but need the cup as it holds the stop for the glass lid.
as the photo shows this has allowed me to get imagenative with the curves and some fancy router work on the edges since its my first attempt at laminate im dead chuffed
in between routing and glueing ive cut the tops for the bed boxes complete with lift up lids well actually lids as ive buggered one up and cant redo it till ive cut my last sheet of 12mm faced plyfor the batroom wall when if ive measuered right ill have an ofcut large enough to recut the lid

dont know how this picture got here but i cant seem to delete it still it shows how for its come

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