Thursday, 10 June 2010

work top

have just spent most of two days making the work top and fitting the sink and cooker in ,We had decided we wanted a worktop that was curved to allow a bit more floor space so this ruled out normal kitchen tops i decided to make it from birch faced ply original plan was two thicknesses but his didnt hide the bottom or the sink and cooker which oversail the units below so three it had to be ,on the up side i now know a bit more about using a router . Ive always liked the vanished edge on ply so now i have it in abundance
Getting the curves right was very tricky we tried marking round various tins plate etc but wound up doing them with a drawing compass I had to dredge up a lot of schoolboy geometry which was lurking in the old grey matter bisecting angles is obviously something like riding a bike
When i got the sink in place I found it was slightly damaged you couldnt see it immediately but it was half inch high one corner rather than send it back i manged the pin it in place with a board screwed down on top happy to report its now reasonably straight
Had a bit of a panic over the battery when we were playing with the seats a few weeks ago something got left switched on the next day i had no central locking and reverted back to using the key old skool style.decided to charge the battery this week as realey ill need to move it soon ,left it charging all night and next day still flat so back on for another night .When i got in this morning the smart charger was showing defective or deeply discharged battery thought some thing had gone most probably the battery but after connecting the earth back up it started first time .

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