Thursday, 8 April 2010

not much to report this weeks so far did a bit more on the first bed box but mostly I've been sending my flexible friend rigid with purchases both from ebay, new thetford toilet,trauma water heater and a propex
windows and roof lights arrived this morning and have just unpacked them to check for damage my god the midi heki is huge when seen in the flesh its going over our bed to give us some star gazing opportunities
was going to make the bed bases pull out style but now ones nearly done i may change it to the more traditional drop down table
one thing i realy didnt allow for is the amount of space needed to store all the bits and pieces i realy need to get some faced ply soon but untill the windows are in im struggling for space
Did a rekkie on possible route for wiring today and it looks a bit of a mare to be honest batteries are under the floor and all the wiring exits on the opposite side to the side i want

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