Thursday, 15 April 2010

Just bought an under slung gas tank from ebay so dont need a gas locker now so Decided to alter the bed so we can get an upright at the end both to stop peole falling out the back of the van when it used as seats and to give support to the lockers and were going to have the more traditional drop down table rather than a pull out i think this could change again so watch this space
first pic shows the entire fleet of vehicles the white through the door is my work van ,renee 1 old faithfull (saab) and my daughters multi colored (mostly black repair panels )car
spent most of today fitting the heki midi bit of a nightmare with the corugated roof had to make small spacer from a strip of hardwood for each corugation both under and under the steel fc 40 everywhere i used sticky sealing strips and black carbond to seal it all down the screws that came with the heki are next to useless had it all in place and realised that they need a small screew driver bit which i couldnt find so replace them with some i had that i could get a turn on
i used black seal as the van is navy but would use white next time as it doesnt realy show and less obvious when you transfer it to the white plastic on your fingers

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