Sunday, 11 April 2010

big day first window in

Fitted the first window today cutting a hole in a 10g van was definatley a heart in mouth moment but seems to have gone well although its only fitted and not sealed in yet.As the van side are not straight ive a choice to make tommorow do I even the gap top and bottom or go for larger gap top or bottom, bottom will be more obvious and top will be more difficult to seal but wont show gonna have another look in the morning and decide then.
seitz windows most have the worlds worst instructions lots of diagrams showing the cross section and not one showing the planso its lots or measuring to get the hole size right sietz say measure the instalation webs plus six mil but the webs seem tapered and the dont say which end to measure in the end i cut the size i ordered 900x400 which seemed about right although possibly a bit tight so willl open the next ones out a bit cut the other side of the line
screws that come with them are only good for a wall thickness of 25 mm and the screw size is 3.9mm ive used 2inch 8s which seem fine .
I've made a frame from 2x1 and roughly scribed it to the shape of the panel hopefully this will stop distortion of the panel when i finally tighten it up

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