Tuesday, 30 March 2010

spent today dodging in and out of the rain whilst finishing the floor tried to make a paper template for the sides and gave up ive decided paper is harder to controll than wood so laid a full sheet down the center this leaves two smaller pieces each side much easier to work with
cut two strips to the widest measurement and scribed them in usin a squar and pencil to trace the shape onto the board cut it in several stages to keep checking but in actual fact the first line i marked was pretty acurate
used the right hand one as a template to cut out the other side as its prety much a mirrow image apart from the bit near the sliding door
used the router to cut two slots through the battens and insulation and laid two lengths of 15mm hep to get water from one side to the other
most of what ive seen on various websites shows campers using flexible 12mm pipe but i didnt have any and im sure i will be able to join on with something at a later date
so the back 8 ft is now boarded and screwed down every 4 inches the front sheet is scribed in and ive just got to sort the last couple of battens at the front but didnt have the right timber to finish it all so back to selcos tomorow
pic shows wet footprints mostly

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