Wednesday, 31 March 2010

finished the last few bits of the floor today went to lay the last sheet and realised there was a puddle on the floor where i had the side door open water was langing on the exsposed side and running under the floor so laid the last sheet and the fixed a small strip with glue and silicon along edge by door to stop any more rain getting in
seem to have spent all day getting not a lot done
now the floors complete ive scribed a line down the center of the van as after doing the floor ive realised there is no straight edges in a van so every thing is going to have to be measured from center
im thinking of doing another on the ceiling so i can drop a line to get an upright measurement to keep it all plumb but i'll probaly use a square from the floor
mind is a malestrom of bits of info im trying to hold on to dimensions probable layout etc think i might have to start a list everything seems to be linked in to another item changing one thing changes everything
forgot to do pics today will take some tommorow
Of to buxton for easter so apart from watching ebay for bargains it will be a break from building for a few days

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